ID: 1126
Blasting Gust III
KR name: 단명의 질풍 III
icon Skill
Class: Ranger

Fire an arrow with spiritual power
that explodes on hit to damage many enemies.

Can be added to a Ring Menu Slot
LMB to shoot

– Required Level: 32 or Higher
– Required Points: 16
– Required WP: 52
– Cooldown: 7s

- Blasting Gust II

Hit Damage 363% x 2
10% of Max HP extra damage (Damaged reduced in PVP) (Effect nullified during cooldown)
Critical Hit Rate +80%
Accuracy Rate +5%
Maximum 10 targets
Attack Range Up
+4 of MP Recovery per every good hit
All Evasion Rate -12% for 10 sec. on good hits
Knockdown on good hits (Effect nullified during cooldown)
Air Attack
While Charging, Stamina consumed by 80
Damage reduced in PVP.

PVP Attack +5 for 5 sec. for self
All Accuracy +3% for 12 sec. for self
Attack Speed +4% for 5 sec. for self
Inflicts 45 Pain Damage per 3 sec. for 12 sec. for target
Instantly Recovers 3 MP/WP/SP per hit
10% chance of Down Smash for target


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