Alchemy EXP +X%
Alchemy Mastery +X
All Accuracy +X
All AP +X
All Damage Reduction +X
All Evasion +X
All Evasion -X
All Resistance +X%
Attack Speed +X
Attack Speed +X%
Attack Speed -X
Attack/Casting Speed +X%
Back Attack Damage +X%
Barter EXP +X%
Casting Speed +X
Casting Speed +X%
Combat EXP +X%
Cooking EXP +X%
Cooking Mastery +X
Costume - Attack Speed Limit Increased
Costume - Casting Speed Limit Increased
Costume - Critical Hit Rate Increased
Costume - Fishing Limit Increased
Costume - Gathering Limit Increased
Costume - Luck Limit Increased
Costume - Movement Speed Limit Increased
Critical Hit +X
Critical Hit -X
Critical Hit Damage +X%
Critical Hit Damage +X% & All AP +X & All Damage Reduction -X (You can View Set Effects from your Equipment window.)
Critical Hit Rate +X%
Discovery Radius +Xm
Durability Reduction Resistance X%
Extra Air Attack Damage +X%
Extra All Special Attack Damage +X%
Extra All Special Attack Damage +X.X%
Extra AP Against Monsters +X
Extra Back Attack Damage +X%
Extra Counter Attack Damage +X%
Extra Damage to Beasts +X
Extra Damage to Demihumans +X
Extra Damage to Humans +X
Extra Damage to Kamasylvian Monsters +X
Extra Down Attack Damage +X%
Extra Speed Attack Damage +X%
Fall Damage -X%
Farming EXP +X%
Fishing EXP +X%
Fishing Mastery +X
Gathering EXP +X%
Gathering Mastery +X
Grapple Resistance +X%
HP Recovery +X
Hunting EXP +X%
Hunting Mastery +X
Ignore All Resistance +X%
Ignore Grapple Resistance +X%
Ignore Knockback/Floating Resistance +X%
Ignore Knockdown/Bound Resistance +X%
Ignore Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +X%
Jump Height +X
Karma Recovery +X%
Knockback/Floating Resistance +X%
Knockdown/Bound Resistance +X%
Life EXP +X%
Life Skill Mastery +X
Luck +X
Magic AP +X
Magic Damage Reduction X
Max Energy +X
Max HP +X
Max HP -X
Max Stamina +X
Melee AP +X
Melee Damage -X
Monster Damage Reduction +X
Movement Speed +X
MP/WP/SP Recovery +X
Processing EXP +X%
Processing Mastery +X
Ranged AP +X
Ranged Damage Reduction X
Recover +X HP on attacks
Recover +X MP/WP/SP on attacks
Recover X HP per hit
Sailing EXP +X%
Sailing Mastery +X
Siege Weapon Evasion Rate +X%
Skill EXP +X%
Special Attack Evasion Rate +X%
Stamina +X
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +X%
Trading EXP +X%
Training EXP +X%
Training Mastery +X
Underwater Breathing +X sec
Vision Range +Xm
Weight Limit +XLT
You can view Set Effects from your Equipment window.
ID   Title Category Crystals in preset GRADE EFFECTS
ID   Title Category Crystals in preset GRADE EFFECTS
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