Additional Damage against Kamasylvian Monsters +X
Air Attack Damage +X%
All Accuracy +X
All AP +X
All Damage Reduction +X
All Debuff Resistance +X%
All DP -X
All Evasion +X
All Resistance +X%
All Special Attacks +X% Damage
Amity Gain +X%
Attack Speed +X
Auto-fishing time -X%
Back Attack Damage +X%
Casting Speed +X
Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +X%
Combat EXP +X%
Cooking/Alchemy Time -X sec.
Critical Hit +X
Critical Hit Damage +X%
Cure Hypothermia
Cures Bleeding
Cures Burns
Cures Toxications
Damages from Monster -X%
Debuff Resistance Against Monsters +X%
Defense Nullifying Damage +X per Back Attack
Defense Nullifying Damage +X per Critical Hit
Down Attack Damage +X%
Enemy's HP -X when it hits you
Extra AP against Monsters +X
Extra Damage Against Demihumans +X
Extra Damage Against Humans +X
Fishing +X
Gain Breath EXP
Gain Health EXP
Gain Strength EXP
Gathering +X
Gathering Resource Gain Chance +X%
Grapple Resistance +X%
Horse EXP +X%
HP +X per Critical Hit
HP Recovery +X
HP Recovery +X on Attack
HP Recovery +X per Hit
Ignore All Resistance+X%
Jump +X
Knockback/Floating Resistance +X%
Knockdown/Bound Resistance +X%
Knowledge Gain Chance +X%
Life EXP +X%
Luck +X
Matchlock Reload Speed +X%
Max Energy +X
Max HP +X
Max MP(EP) +X
Max Stamina +X
Movement Speed +X
MP(EP) Recovery Amount +X
MP/WP/SP Recovery +X
MP/WP/SP Recovery +X on Attack
Nullifying All Resistance +X%
Processing Success Rate +X%
Recover Mount HP +X
Resistance against heat/sunstroke +X%
Skill EXP +X%
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +X%
The target cannot conceal itself for a certain amount of time.
The target cannot hide its name for a certain amount of time.
Underwater Breathing +X sec
Underwater Breathing +X sec.
Weight Limit +XLT
Worker Stamina Recovery +X
ID   Title Housing Points GRADE EFFECTS
ID   Title Housing Points GRADE EFFECTS
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