ID: 40006/10
Chapter 10: A Friend to Help with Hard Labor
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Story
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Chapter 2: Kind Lara
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Chapter 9: Rising Fame, Overflowing Energy I
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Chapter 11: Endlessly Connected Roads

icon - Chapter 2: Kind Lara
icon - Chapter 3: Dark Rifts of the Unknown
icon - Chapter 4: Load Your Matchlock!
icon - Chapter 5: Sweet Cooking Honey
icon - Chapter 6: Fairy, the Soul's Partner
icon - Chapter 7: Ljurik's Support Fund I
icon - Chapter 8: Starting Life: Apprentice
icon - Chapter 9: Rising Fame, Overflowing Energy I
icon - Chapter 10: A Friend to Help with Hard Labor
icon - Chapter 11: Endlessly Connected Roads
icon - Chapter 12: Beyond Land into the Sea
icon - Chapter 13: Water is Precious
icon - Chapter 14: Rational Consumer
icon - Chapter 15: Get a Little Tipsy
icon - Chapter 16: From My Hands to the Throne
icon - Chapter 17: Follow the Silk Road
icon - Chapter 18: Those Savages
icon - Chapter 19: Kutum, the Grotesque and Vigorous Ancient Weapon
icon - Chapter 20: Tasty Milk that Helps You Grow
icon - Chapter 21: All About Chopping Wood
icon - Chapter 22: Lovely Maple Trees
icon - Chapter 23: Let's Get Down to Chopping
icon - Chapter 24: Never-ending Chopping
icon - Chapter 25: Strange Alchemy and Caphras Stones
icon - Chapter 26: Make Your Own Timber Crate
icon - Chapter 27: From Production to Distribution
icon - Chapter 28: Ljurik's Support Fund II
icon - Chapter 29: Rising Fame, Overflowing Energy II
icon - Chapter 30: Materializing Overflowing Energy
icon - Chapter 31: Nouver, Sandstorm of the Desert
icon - Chapter 32: Getting Used to Life: Skilled
icon - Chapter 33: Wild Horse, I Tame You
icon - Chapter 34: Your Powers Combined
icon - Chapter 35: Chenga, Seeking the Hidden Power
icon - Chapter 36: Garmoth, Overlord of Drieghan
icon - Chapter 37: Not-so-shabby Deal
icon - Chapter 38: Ljurik's Support Fund III
icon - Chapter 39: Kamasylvia and Its Mysterious Ecology
icon - Chapter 40: Rising Fame, Overflowing Energy III
icon - Chapter 41: Preparations for Easier Enhancement
icon - Chapter 42: Hooked on Life: Artisan
icon - Chapter 43: Agris, a Powerful, Burning Fever
icon - Final Chapter: Breaking the Limit
icon - Chapter 1: Traces of Adventurers
icon - [Grad. Support] Fughar's Secrets to Success

Start NPC:
Black Spirit
End NPC:
icon - Santo Manzi

– Description:
Santo Manzi is the work supervisor who oversees all the workers in Velia.
Workers can help with difficult tasks such as crafting items and producing materials.
Meet with Santo Manzi to hear the basic explanation and sign a contract with the workers.

※ This challenge can be completed by talking to Santo Manzi in Velia.

If you want to hire workers, you will need to provide the appropriate lodging
to sign a contract with them.
Whenever you have the appropriate lodging, and with enough silver,
I will help you to make a contract with these workers.
Oh, you can also hire workers who worked under other adventurers,
so let me know if you require those services as well.
※ You can hire workers from work supervisors and the Worker Exchange in each town.
※ Hired workers can be sent to work at nodes or craft at residences, among other tasks,
but will require items such as beer to recover their stamina.

Completion Target: Santo Manzi
- Talk with Santo Manzi
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Chapter 11: Connect Nodes
- Professional Human Worker (Velia)


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