ID: 1850
Flow: Jump Sequence
KR name: 흐름 : 연속 도약
icon Skill
Class: Berserker

Preceding Skill: [Giant Leap I]
Quickly use Giant Leap once again to freely move within the battlefield.

↑ + F
Giant Leap backward ↓ + F

- Required Level: 59 or Higher
- Required Points: 30
- Required Stamina: 200
- Cooldown: 20s

- Giant Leap I
- Awakening: Tantu's Iron Buster

All damage applied equals that of Giant Leap's damage x3
Maximum 10 targets
Invincible while moving
Super Armor on attack
No character collision while using skill
Bound on good hits (PvE Only)
Stiffness on good hits (PvE Only)
Down Attack


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