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[O'dyllita] Secret Map of Bahit
icon Quest
Region: O'dyllita
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [O'dyllita] The Queen's Past
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [O'dyllita] Cup of Oblivion
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [O'dyllita] Guide of Light

icon - [O'dyllita] The Queen's Past
icon - [O'dyllita] A Dangerous Dispatch
icon - [O'dyllita] Whatever it Takes
icon - [O'dyllita] At the End of Total Control
icon - [O'dyllita] The First Document
icon - [O'dyllita] Twisted Knowledge of the Goddess
icon - [O'dyllita] A Sad Reminiscence
icon - [O'dyllita] Decline and Birth
icon - [O'dyllita] Ahib Follower
icon - [O'dyllita] The White Angel
icon - [O'dyllita] Tree Skin Curse
icon - [O'dyllita] Celphie's Laboratory
icon - [O'dyllita] About the Dawn
icon - [O'dyllita] Truth About the Hostage
icon - [O'dyllita] The First Barbarian
icon - [O'dyllita] Olun's Heart
icon - [O'dyllita] Delmira's Recipe Scroll
icon - [O'dyllita] How Delotia was Created
icon - [O'dyllita] Ahib's Human
icon - [O'dyllita] Worst Manual Labor Ever
icon - [O'dyllita] Ill-fated Relationship
icon - [O'dyllita] Flattery and Survival
icon - [O'dyllita] Incomplete Victory
icon - [O'dyllita] Hunters' Worth
icon - [O'dyllita] The Treasure of the Valley
icon - [O'dyllita] Moths Attracted to Light
icon - [O'dyllita] May the Moonlight Guide You
icon - [O'dyllita] Olun's Silence, the Warder of Anguish
icon - [O'dyllita] Unwelcome Guest
icon - [O'dyllita] Stained Future
icon - [O'dyllita] The Kidnapped Dwarf
icon - [O'dyllita] We Meet Again, Wanderer
icon - [O'dyllita] Cup of Oblivion
icon - [O'dyllita] Secret Map of Bahit
icon - [O'dyllita] Guide of Light
icon - [O'dyllita] Skin of the Snake
icon - [O'dyllita] Priest of the Goddess
icon - [O'dyllita] Ibedor
icon - [O'dyllita] Raz'nal, the Burning One
icon - [O'dyllita] Hidden Commandments of Truth
icon - [Crossroad] There's nothing sweeter than priceless knowledge!
icon - [Crossroad] Remain faithful to my Secret Guard!
icon - [O'dyllita] The Watch's Letter
icon - [O'dyllita] Breath of Narcion
icon - [O'dyllita] Corrupted Prophecy of Tunta
icon - [O'dyllita] La O'delle the Einel
icon - [O'dyllita] Audrite Sibyl
icon - [O'dyllita] Turo Resistance
icon - [O'dyllita] Manipulated Alliance
icon - [O'dyllita] Sephir's Warning
icon - [O'dyllita] Tunta's Seed
icon - [O'dyllita] Queen's Spy
icon - [O'dyllita] Exposure
icon - [O'dyllita] Arienne's Ouk Pill - Greed
icon - [O'dyllita] Arienne's Ouk Pill - Addiction
icon - [O'dyllita] Arienne's Ouk Pill - Curse
icon - [O'dyllita] Song of Phantoms
icon - [O'dyllita] Two Young Phantoms
icon - [O'dyllita] Path of the Spirits
icon - [O'dyllita] Water Lily
icon - [O'dyllita] The Souls
icon - [O'dyllita] Hadum's Traces
icon - [O'dyllita] Song of Tunta
icon - [O'dyllita] Ulutuka, the Grand Chief of Turos
icon - [O'dyllita] A Sworn Enemy
icon - [O'dyllita] False Revelation
icon - [O'dyllita] Thornwood Castle
icon - [O'dyllita] Sephir Odore
icon - [O'dyllita] Wanderer's Duty
icon - [O'dyllita] Vedir
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Before the Commandments of Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] The Eternal Friendship of the Sun and Moon
icon - [O'dyllita] The Last Branch
icon - [O'dyllita] Abyss of Turasil
icon - [O'dyllita] Gem of Imbalance
icon - [O'dyllita] Hadum's Realm

Start NPC:
icon - Lafi Bedmountain
End NPC:
icon - Delanela

– Description:
Although Lafi Bedmountain tries to get on her nerves, Salanar simply smiles and pays no attention to what he says. Continue with the conversation.

But the snake reportedly disappeared, leaving only its skin behind.
Bahit La Lecona was the one who discovered that skin.
He is the regretful shadow who later burned down the shrine of Kzarka
and put an end to Orzeca's self-destruction which knew no limits.
It is said that he buried the snake's skin somewhere
and created a secret map using the power of the Oluns.
A secret map that cannot be recognized
unless it receives the light from Olun's Heart.
Player, that's why I asked
if you had found Olun's Heart.
But the fact of the matter is, I don't know where's the map!
I'm telling you the truth! Believe me!
{ChangeScene(Odyllita_Named_25)So, it was Olun's Heart that you need to read the map.
That alone will be enough information for us, as we have the map already.
{ChangeScene(Odyllita_main2_28)What, what are you saying?
Where on earth did you get that secret map?!
{ChangeScene(Odyllita_Named_25)..Save your breath. Did we not just tell you?
We have prepared for a long time to battle against the darkness.
We were desperate enough to disregard all grudges and emotions.
And had acquired all pieces of the puzzle, except for yours, barbarian.

We were desperate enough to disregard all the grudge and emotions.
Apart from the last piece of puzzle you had, barbarian, we solved all the others.

Oh, you must be Player that Lady Salanar talked about!
I've been looking forward to seeing you!
I cannot leave for another adventure unless I give you this map!
Do you know what other Ahibs say behind my back?
They say there's a girl sitting by the beautiful Salanar Pond,
who has nothing better to do than mooch off Lady Salanar... Haha...
They have no idea about the secret mission I'm assigned with!
Do you have any idea what I went through to get this map?

Completion Target: Delanela
- Ask Salanar about the secret map
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (100)
- Secret Map of Bahit

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [O'dyllita] Cup of Oblivion

Required to open quests
icon - [O'dyllita] Guide of Light


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