ID: 21108/1
Looking for Adventurers
KR name: 모험가 소집
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

Start NPC:
icon - Herman Feresio
End NPC:
icon - Herman Feresio

- Description:
You've told Herman Feresio about what you heard from Hakkon regarding the coming of the ancient god Kzarka. Let's continue talking with Herman Feresio.

Did you say the barrier of Serendia Shrine has become unstable?
To think that Kzarka's resurrection may be soon upon us...
Despite being soulless husks, the Cultists' thirst for chaos is endless.
who knows what else those damned Cultists might do next.

How did things ever come to this...

{Position(-236658.02, 5483.59, -76865.80)That sounds absurd,
however, since it is you who is telling me this...
We must have an emergency parliamentary session at once.
If what you've reported is true, the threat of Kzarka will become real soon.
Commander Delphad Castillion is insisting
that the Trina Knights should be stationed at the Serendia Shrine but...
stationing a whole army in a different territory isn't an easy task.
Even though they are at our command, this will surely cause political conflict.
So, we are thinking of suggesting something to you.
Would you be able to gather adventurers like you?
If you gather adventurers and form a guild,
the Calpheon Parliament will support the guild you've formed.
Please, protect Calpheon and this continent.
We shall support the free adventurers to the very end.

Completion Target: Herman Feresio
- Talk with Herman Feresio of the Kalis Parliament
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Herman Feresio

- EXP (222'799'688)
- Skill EXP (17'000'000)
- Gold Bar 10G
- Weight Limit +200LT (24 hr)
- Beginner Black Stone (Weapon)
- Beginner Black Stone (Armor)
- Restores 20 Energy

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - A Disaster Foretold

Required to open quests
icon - Commander's Head on the Flag
icon - Sit, Cast and Fish!
icon - [Daily] Detecting Danger
icon - [Daily] Save My Rum!
icon - [Daily] Preparations for an Escape I
icon - [Daily] Eerie Structures
icon - [Daily] Get Me Some Time!
icon - [Daily] Origin of the Eerie Sound
icon - Investigating Rumors
icon - Magic Shuriken Exchange I
icon - [Daily] Mysterious Investigation
icon - [Life Skill Mastery] Fisherman and the Sea
icon - [ADV Complete] Journey through Calpheon
icon - Magic Kunai Exchange I
icon - A Patient's Health Food
icon - Calpheon Resource Report
icon - Magic Haladie Exchange I
icon - Magic Vitclari Exchange I
icon - Magical Ra'ghon Exchange I
icon - [Investigate: Mutants] Side Effects of Giant's Draught
icon - [ADV] Beginning of the Long Journey
icon - Mysterious Request
icon - Magic Shield Exchange I
icon - Magic Armor Exchange I
icon - [Calpheon] Elle's Outfit Box
icon - [New/Returning] Stop Awakened Giath
icon - Survival Guru
icon - [Manor] Crucio Domongatt's Summon
icon - Papu and Lakiaro
icon - World of Enemies #1: Catfishmen
icon - For a Sharper Weapon #1: Catfishmen
icon - Black Spirit's Gift III (Tier 5 Horse)
icon - Magic Dagger Exchange I
icon - Magic Talisman Exchange I
icon - Magic Ornamental Knot Exchange I
icon - Magic Trinket Exchange I
icon - Magic Horn Bow Exchange I
icon - Magical Vambrace Exchange I
icon - Magic Noble Sword Exchange I
icon - Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer
icon - [The Magnus] To Gabino Farm!
icon - Fairy Queen Theiah
icon - The Poacher's Irresistible Offer
icon - [Repeat] Carrots in Exchange for Fruit
icon - [Repeat] Looking for Weasels
icon - [New/Returning] Mission to Mansha Forest
icon - [New/Returning] Mission to Lake Kaia
icon - [New/Returning] Mission to Hexe Sanctuary
icon - [New/Returning] Stop Awakened Red Nose
icon - [New/Returning] Stop Awakened Bheg
icon - [New/Returning] Cliff's Weapon
icon - [Event] Mission to Mansha Forest
icon - [Event] Mission to Lake Kaia
icon - [Event] Mission to Hexe Sanctuary
icon - [Event] Stop Awakened Red Nose
icon - [Event] Stop Awakened Giath
icon - [Event] Stop Awakened Bheg
icon - The Temple in the East
icon - The Temple in the East
icon - [Pet] Kalis' Delphe
icon - [Season] Fate, Justice, and Power, Calpheon
icon - [Special Aid] Fughar's Letter

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