ID: 2001/2
Wheelbarrow Guy for the Day
KR name: 일일 수레꾼
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Lost Lamb

Start NPC:
icon - Vype Stoner
End NPC:
icon - Vype Stoner

- Description:
Short-handed Vype Stoner asked you to help him by carrying Stone in a Cart. Drive the Cart up the road and bring it back down to Vype Stoner.

※ How to proceed
1. Balance the Cart using the (Attack1) and (Attack2) mouse buttons to drive it toward the target.
2. At the target, wait until the Cart stops.
3. Press (Interaction) to let go of the Cart.

※ This quest is available again after midnight (server time) every day unless you have already completed the quest that day.

A job for you?
It wasn't like this before,
but I'm clicking my tongue more and more these days.
The new workers don't know how to drive a cart very well.
How are they gonna work?
There's an extra cart up on the hill.
If you drive that cart down to here, I'll admit you're good enough.
But it's not gonna be easy. Hahaha.

The new workers don't know how to drive a cart.
That should be basic.
If you drive the cart down to here, you're good enough. I'll admit.
But it's not gonna be easy. Hahaha.

Haha, such an adorable kid.
Don't smile like that just because you were praised this one time!

Completion Target: Vype Stoner
- Bring the Cart to Vype Stoner, then press the {StringTableBind(KeyBind:Interaction)} Key to put down the Cart and talk to him
Required actions:
Kill monsters (1):
icon - Wheelbarrow

- Recover 3 Energy
- Stamina Experience
- EXP (100)
- Prognyl Silver Bar
- Rough Stone
- HP Potion (Small)

Quest requirements
Level = 16

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