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Hadum: God of Despair I
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Category: O'dyllita Forest Adventure Journal

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...the watchers of the earth, unlike the flowers of the sun and moon, remained in Elvia and continued the endless fight to protect the world of the goddess. Yet after thousands of years, the tree of light was lost, breaking the link between the two worlds. However, they sought out the seed of light that the goddess left behind in Elvia, and finally found the seed for the new Sacred Tree. But the regrown Sacred Tree shared no link to the world the flowers had passed on to. The new Sacred Tree spoke softly to the desperate leader of the earth,

"I am the goddess of resurrection. Thousands of years have passed since my voice faded from this world, which has forgotten my name. Bring the malevolent god to its knees and cry out my name when the new sun, and not the current one, rises once more."

- Quoted from the Goddess' Nightmare -
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
There is an old record in the archive of Crypt of Resting Thoughts.
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DrKSnow 8-10-2020 02:35

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