ID: 4618
Summer Rain III
KR name: 여름비 III
icon Skill
Class: Shai

Skills you cannot learn after learning this skill:
[Sun, Moon, Stars III], [Shout to the Sky III], [Time to Shine! III]
Plays a mystical tune for allies to take courage for a while to fight against any formidable foes.

↓ + RMB
LMB to stop playing the instrument
Quick Slot Available
Can be used with florang through Quick Slot

Required Level: 60 or Higher
Required Points: 20
– Required MP: 50
Cooldown: 40s

- Summer Rain II
- Talent: Melody of Light

Effect applied to max 10 allies
All Debuff Resistance +40% for 20sec. to self and friends
Continuing to play will increase the area of effect.
Moving while playing the instrument is available.


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