ID: 8000/8
[O'dyllita] The Owl of Wisdom
KR name: [오딜리타] 지혜의 부엉이
icon Quest
Region: O'dyllita
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [O'dyllita] Black-Robed Man
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [O'dyllita] Lafi's Warning
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [O'dyllita] Archaeologist's Notes

icon - [O'dyllita] Black-Robed Man
icon - [O'dyllita] An Ill Omen
icon - [O'dyllita] Shadow Mist Flower
icon - [O'dyllita] The Beacon to Lure in the Darkness
icon - [O'dyllita] A Dwarf in Kamasylvia
icon - [O'dyllita] Border in Chaos
icon - [O'dyllita] Lafi's Warning
icon - [O'dyllita] The Owl of Wisdom
icon - [O'dyllita] Archaeologist's Notes
icon - [O'dyllita] A Suspicious Pact
icon - [O'dyllita] Talibahr's Rope
icon - [O'dyllita] World Shadow
icon - [O'dyllita] Saigord, The Shadow of Nightmares
icon - [O'dyllita] The Moth Attracted to Light
icon - [O'dyllita] Unexpected Einel
icon - [O'dyllita] Odd Approval
icon - [O'dyllita] Prophecy of Tunta
icon - [O'dyllita] Beginning of Repentance
icon - [O'dyllita] Back Tracking
icon - [O'dyllita] Ataraxia
icon - [O'dyllita] Companion or Pawn
icon - [O'dyllita] Rescue the Prisoner
icon - [O'dyllita] Daughter of Caphras
icon - [O'dyllita] A Good Bait
icon - [O'dyllita] Unnecessary Conflict
icon - [O'dyllita] Missing Possessions
icon - [O'dyllita] A Momentary Regret
icon - [O'dyllita] Queen's Summon
icon - [O'dyllita] Oracle of Sylvia
icon - [O'dyllita] Speech of the Dark Knight
icon - [O'dyllita] Investigate About Ataraxia
icon - [O'dyllita] Her True Intention
icon - [O'dyllita] Hero's Duty
icon - [O'dyllita] The Queen's Fear
icon - [O'dyllita] Starry Midnight Port
icon - [O'dyllita] Night of Slaves
icon - [O'dyllita] Golden Light
icon - [O'dyllita] A Human Woman's Whereabouts
icon - [O'dyllita] Kalicha Jester
icon - [O'dyllita] Judgment of Shackles
icon - [O'dyllita] Result of the Judgment
icon - [O'dyllita] God of Radiant Light
icon - [O'dyllita] All Sorted
icon - [O'dyllita] Verti Shackles
icon - [O'dyllita] Kalicha Merchant Guild
icon - [O'dyllita] Dead Moon Post
icon - [O'dyllita] View of Narcion
icon - [O'dyllita] Chance You Can't Miss
icon - [O'dyllita] Audra's Preaching
icon - [O'dyllita] Chaotic Era
icon - [O'dyllita] Water of Verti
icon - [O'dyllita] Delotia Pudding
icon - [O'dyllita] Strange Wanderer
icon - [O'dyllita] End of the Road
icon - [O'dyllita] To Thornwood Forest
icon - [O'dyllita] Remnants
icon - [O'dyllita] Labyrinth of the Woods
icon - [O'dyllita] Truth of Caphras' Journal
icon - [O'dyllita] Twisted Path
icon - [O'dyllita] Black and Red Moment
icon - [O'dyllita] Ouk Pill of Flames
icon - [O'dyllita] Ouk Pill of Tainted Flames
icon - [O'dyllita] Altar of Ynix
icon - [O'dyllita] The Fallen One and the Savior
icon - [O'dyllita] Would She Know the Truth?
icon - [O'dyllita] Thornwood Goddess Statue
icon - [O'dyllita] Irreversible Fate
icon - [O'dyllita] Audra Divine Potion
icon - [O'dyllita] Power of the False Document
icon - [O'dyllita] From the Beginning
icon - [O'dyllita] Strong, in Fact
icon - [O'dyllita] Altar of the Condemned
icon - [O'dyllita] Condemner's Judgment
icon - [O'dyllita] Crypt of Barbarians
icon - [O'dyllita] Oath of the Crypt
icon - [O'dyllita] Power of the Fallen One
icon - [O'dyllita] Knowledge of the Barbarians
icon - [O'dyllita] History of Orzeca
icon - [O'dyllita] The Gravekeeper
icon - [O'dyllita] The Premonition
icon - [O'dyllita] Fallen Ataraxia
icon - [O'dyllita] Mission of the Savior
icon - [O'dyllita] To O'draxxia
icon - [O'dyllita] A Pure Heart and the Truth
icon - [O'dyllita] Flower of the Burning Moon
icon - [O'dyllita] Vuhura Kaheliak
icon - [O'dyllita] Kalicha
icon - [O'dyllita] Opencilla
icon - [O'dyllita] No Regret

Start NPC:
Black Spirit
End NPC:
icon - Obi Bellen

- Description:
After listening to Lafi Bedmountain, the Black Spirit tells you to meet Obi Bellen, the fake-wise chatterbox owl of Old Wisdom Tree, saying that you must find where Talibahr's Rope is.

Flowers blooming in a forbidden arena that had been sealed for a long time...
And they're looking for the ones with Black Spirits?
They're talking about us! They're looking for us! And we're the strongest!
We can't just sit here after hearing all this!
It'd be fun to meet them in person, don't you think?
Heh. When you're told not to do something, it makes you wanna do it more!
By the way, that Dwarf... He knows a lot of things, for some strange reason.
Where the hell does he hear it from?
Hmm... well, what do we care? Let's move out, partner.
Huh? We should look for Talibahr's Rope that Meldor of the Watchtower told us about!
We already saw Orwen was alive and well, no?
I'm sure she's still doing fine. Let's not think about her anymore.
So where should we go to get to Talibahr's Rope...? Aha!
Let's ask that falsely wise chatterbox of an owl at Old Wisdom Tree!

So where should we go to get to Talibahr's Rope...? Aha!
Let's ask that fake-wise chatterbox owl of Old Wisdom Tree!

Oh, Player! How have you been?
Everything is hectic in this place lately. Sigh...
The beastly red eyes...! I certainly don't want to see them in my dream.
The poor girls must have entirely forgotten about their Mother!
What? I'm talking about the Ahibs beyond Lamo Valley!
The whole of Kamasylvia is worried about that problem now.
What could possibly have turned them so hideous?
All kinds of speculation and rumor are flooding the streets.
By the way... This is just between you and me...
O'dyllita, where the Ahibs left for, was, at first, not an arid land!
I heard there was some sort of... indelible curse planted in the land...
And Ahibs were consumed by that very curse...!
That's what I heard when I was having a drink with my old Dwarf friend Oliver.
Alcohol is the magical potion of truth, so it must be true.

Completion Target: Obi Bellen
- Meet Obi Bellen, the know-it-all owl
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Obi Bellen

- Contribution EXP (150)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [O'dyllita] Lafi's Warning

Required to open quests
icon - [O'dyllita] Archaeologist's Notes

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