ID: 7535/7
[Daily] Breathtaking Scenery
icon Quest
Region: NEW_ZONE: 12
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Jade for Zibaya
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Energy Mushroom
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Drink of Eilton

Start NPC:
icon - Saan Marino
End NPC:
icon - Saan Marino

- Description:
Saan Marino of Eilton recommends taking a brief respite to relax and enjoy Eilton's beautiful scenery. Go to the roof top he recommended.

※ This is a daily quest.

Adventurer! You're right on time. You don't look so good these days.
Maybe you're just too focused on work! There's more to life! Haha.
I think that it's time you had a break. With that said,
there’s a spot I go to whenever I’d want to strike up a remarkable poem.
You can see the entire view of Eilton when you get up there.
What do you think? Intriguing, no? Sometimes you need to take it easy!

It's such a beautiful town. Have my days as a wandering poet come to an end?
This place gives me inspiration for my poems every day. How can I even leave...

Haha, how was it? I can tell from just looking at you that you were satisfied.
Alright. It’s important to enjoy yourself sometimes.
Here, have a drink before you go.
And go at a game of Yar!

Completion Target: Saan Marino
- Check out the scenery at Eilton
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (250)
- Oxiterr Crystal

Quest requirements
Level = 60

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