ID: 7535/6
[Daily] Energy Mushroom
icon Quest
Region: NEW_ZONE: 12
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Jade for Zibaya
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Delivering Trade Items
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Breathtaking Scenery

Start NPC:
icon - Tobias
End NPC:
icon - Tobias

- Description:
Tobias of Eilton is looking for medicine to give him energy in the winter. Gather some Dictyophora and take it to Tobias.

※ This is a recurring daily quest.
※ Dictyophora can be gathered at Wind Nol's Perch.

Hey, don’t you want to make some money?
There’s not a thing that’s more useful than Dictyophora around here.
Money is important, but I need some medicine as well.
A-Achoo! Hmph! Why's it always so cold here...

Dictyophora grow at Wind Nol's Perch.
Head north from here and you'll find them.

Haha, well done. It’s been a while since I felt this good.
It gave me a headache thinking about those who just borrow and don't pay me back.
You seem nothing like them. Why don't you keep working for me?
I’ll give you today’s wage first. It’s a precious crystal, so handle it with care.

Completion Target: Tobias
- Collect Dictyophora x3
- Hand over 3 Dictyophora x3 to Tobias
Required actions:
Obtain item:
- Dictyophora (3)
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (400)
- Oxiterr Crystal
- Trace of Ascension

Quest requirements
Level = 60

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