ID: 7215/1
Hoom's Song
KR name: 훔의 노래
icon Quest
Region: Drieghan
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - The Rumbling Sound of Drieghan

Start NPC:
icon - Aljai
End NPC:
icon - Altar

– Description:
Traveler Aljai who is from Serendia seems intrigued by the old book, and tells you about the myth of the ancient Chenga Sherekhan. Go look for Hoom's Altar somewhere in Drieghan, to investigate about the myth of the Akum, Hoom, Macalod, Gervish, and Doroter Sherekhan.

You there, wait a minute.
What' that in your hand?
This is very interesting.
A record of your travels...
Just like you, I've wandered around
and kept records of all the fascinating sights and sounds I've witnessed.
Life is finite, and time flies faster than light.
I'm sure our records will remain as history to some.
Well, anyway.
Do you know Chenga Sherekhan?
I'm talking about the mythical being,
not the giant at Sherekhan Necropolis.
It's the history I'm chasing after right now.
Though of course, nobody knows if it really existed.
I like that look on your face.
Are you excited just by the thought of making records of this?
There's a scroll with an interesting inscription
I have with me right here.
"When Hoom sang,
the dragons all over the world would gather.
The dragons would then bow their heads at the feet of Hoom
and would let out cries.
Let the Altar commemorating Hoom's artistic soul
be embraced by the mountains."
And where is the Altar of Hoom, amongst the many infinite altars?
If you find the secret, show me the records.

No need to be so thankful.
The altar from the story may not even exist.

I feel overwhelmed at the Altar.
Is it because nobody is raising their prayers?

Completion Target: Hoom's Altar
- Find the Altar of Chenga Sherekhan Hoom
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Altar

- Contribution EXP 200

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Black Spirit's Gift (Adventurer's Tome)

Required to open quests
icon - The Rumbling Sound of Drieghan

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Apanasios 19-02-2019 19:43

You need 170 energy for everything.
By interacion with the NPC/Items use the texts with the following Sentences/Sentences which ends with the big written word
>> Melody of the SUN (20 Energy)
>> Song of the FLOWERS (20 Energy)
>> Song of the WIND (20 Energy)
>> Follow lanterns on the river
>> Dont waste 10 energy to hit closest thing, go to further waypoints first
>> Place your hands on the ground (20 Energy)
>> Meditaiting (20 Energy)
>> Tap with hammer (10 Energy)
>> Return to closest thing and hit it with hammer now (10 Energy)
At the quest "The Silent Hanging Gardens" you have to talk to an invisible NPC in the water (look at the Screenshots of the quest to find it) // 10 Energy
Following quest you have to interact with an invisible one again at the Stone (jump on the small part of the stone and on the right side you get it...push perma interaction // it's a little bit buggy)
>> Three Exist (10 Energy)
>> Belcadas (10 Energy)
>> Nybrica (10 Energy)
>> Hang the tiger patterned carpet on the cage (10 Energy)
To combine the Pieces:
- in a horizontal line


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