ID: 6671/1
The Poacher's Irresistible Offer
KR name: 밀렵꾼의 탐욕스러운 제안
icon Quest
Region: Kamasylvia
Category: Town
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Start NPC:
icon - Jerrimo the Poacher
End NPC:
icon - Jerrimo the Poacher

- Description:
Jerrimo the poacher from the Western Valtarra Mountains will do anything to make money. Jerrimo said that selling lustrous hide is more profitable than taxidermy. Jerrimo said he'll give you a stuffed Kamasylvia Weasel in exchange for lustrous hide. Hunt wild Kamasylvia Weasels to collect lustrous hide and return to Jerrimo.

※ The following quest is a hunting quest. Hunt wild Kamasylvia Weasels to collect lustrous hide.
※ Use a fruit with a sweet scent to lure wild Kamasylvia Weasels.
※ Complete the quest "[Repeat] Carrots in Exchange for Fruit" from Mokassa to obtain a fruit with a sweet scent.
※ Butcher the Weasels you hunt to obtain lustrous hide.
※ If you use a butcher knife to butcher a wild Kamasylvia Weasel, you'll obtain lustrous hide at a certain chance

I see that you're here for a reason...
Well, now that you're here I have an offer to make, hehehe.
I make money off taxidermy on the side...
However, there is something more profitable than taxidermy.
It's lustrous hide.
You can get lustrous hide from Kamasylvian Weasels.
But those Weasels isn't an easy task.
You need special type of fruit to lure them out.
The Papus have access to the fruit.
Please head to the Acher Guard Post to get a hold of that fruit.
The Papus might get suspicious if you ask directly...
Right, tell the Papus that you want to befriend the Weasels!
Tell them you love Weasels but don't know how to get them to come near you!
It's not like it's entirely untrue, hehehe.
How can you not love Weasels, they are a valuable commodity!
Ah, I forgot to tell you what I'll give you in return.
I'll give you this stuffed Kamasylvia Weasel.

I thought I already told you where to go...
Head to the Acher Guard Post.
Can't remember such a simple thing?
We are trying to make a trade, you and I.
Hunt some Kamasylvia Weasels and bring me their lustrous hide.
I think I made myself clear enough now.
I hope you don't bring me the wrong thing.

Hahaha, great work!
I'm happy, the leather looks nice and hefty.
I can already smell all the money I'm going to make.
To be good at business, you need to find out what the buyers want and fulfill their needs.
What people want always change.
Sometimes there is a demand for leather and
then there is a sudden demand for taxidermy.
It's not as complicated as it sounds.
All we have to do is meet the demand.
Just like we're doing right now...
As promised, I will give you the stuffed Kamasylvia weasel.
Put it in your residence and you'll have something nice to look at when you are bored.
When the time is right, let's make an even better trade.
After all, this world is filled with goods to sell, hehehe.

Completion Target: Jerrimo
- Hand over lustrous hide
Required actions:
Give item:
- Lustrous Hide (100)

- Contribution EXP (350)
- Stuffed Kamasylvia Weasel

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [Boss] Witch of Horrors
Level = 50
Hunting > Skilled 1
Finished quest: icon - Looking for Adventurers
Level = 50
Hunting > Skilled 1
Finished quest: icon - [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 6
Level = 50
Hunting > Skilled 1

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