ID: 663/2
The Art of Persuasion
KR name: 설득의 미학
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Supporting the Gateway
Next quest in the chain:
icon - A Casual Scout

Start NPC:
icon - Xaviero Vitello
End NPC:
icon - Xaviero Vitello

- Description:
Xaviero Vitello said that words can be stronger than swords, and asked you to persuade the Red Orc prisoner.

Hmm... This isn't the way I like to do things,
but I am sick and tired with the fights against the Red Orcs.
Perhaps that's why these days
I keep remembering that old saying. That it's more important to win with words than with swords.
We have a Red Orc here
that we captured as a prisoner.
Try to persuade him.
We just can't get through to him.
What you should tell him is this,
"If you give up now, we will spare you and your tribe."

Please persuade him.

They're so stubborn...
I guess persuasion won't work. Do I have to use my sword?

Completion Target: Xaviero Vitello
- Persuade Red Orc
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (50)
- Ham Sandwich
- HP Potion (Medium)
- MP Potion (Medium)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Supporting the Gateway

Required to open quests
icon - A Casual Scout

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