ID: 5809/1
[Manor] Birth of Ibellab Oasis
KR name: [장원] 이벨랍 오아시스의 탄생
icon Quest
Region: Valencia
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Start NPC:
icon - Kiyak
End NPC:
icon - Kiyak

- Description:
Kiyak in Valencia City is said to be looking for a Golden Mane Glass Vase. Hand over the Golden Mane Glass Vase and he will tell you the legend of how the Ibellab Oasis was created, and hand over Aal's Sanctuary Candle Stand. Go listen to Kiyak.

※ This is a recurring quest and requires the Golden Mane Glass Vase in your inventory to accept.

A glass vase bearing a golden mane...
That object is considered to represent luck itself to my people.
And so, I admit that I was envious that you had one in your possession.
Would you mind parting with it?
If you do, I shall share the creation story of the Ibellab Oasis
and give you a small gift of sorts.

It's a rather fascinating legend...
of a somewhat chosen location...

Long ago, there was nothing but a dried-up plain in that area.
I'm not certain, but legend has it
that some boy suddenly appeared there.
The legend says that the boy had a vase,
into which he placed some sand while chanting something,
Suddenly water poured forth from inside the vase instead of sand,
leading to the creation of a small puddle.
It grew and grew, until it came to form an oasis.
Stories say that some glass vase bearing a mane
was stored deep within the oasis.
From time to time, fishers would end up fishing up that vase.
So we came to regard it as a sign of good fortune
and came to covet the item.
What do you think? Did that solve
the questions you had of the Ibellab Oasis?
I shall take good care of the glass vase you gave me.
As a token of my thanks, I wish to give you this.
Here, this is Aal's Sanctuary Candle Stand.

Completion Target: Kiyak
- Hand over the Golden Mane Glass Vase to Kiyak
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (100)
- Aal's Sanctuary Candle Stand

Quest requirements
Have item: icon Golden Mane Glass Vase>0
Finished quest: icon - [Manor] A Father's Heart

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