ID: 5533/19
A Shadow Over the Desert
KR name: 사막에 드리운 그림자
icon Quest
Region: Valencia
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Snacks for Camels
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Deciphering the Nagan Document
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Take the Initiative

icon - Snacks for Camels
icon - Dopey-looking Soldiers
icon - The Most Persistent Monsters
icon - A Plan to Eradicate the Desert Scorpions
icon - I Need More Torches
icon - What's the Secret?
icon - Bring Greens to a Wasteland
icon - I'm Furious!
icon - Avenging the Merchants
icon - Revive the Fishery!
icon - The Fishing Brothers
icon - A Deception Operation
icon - Suspicious Carcass of a Desert Naga
icon - Deciphering the Nagan Document
icon - A Shadow Over the Desert
icon - Take the Initiative
icon - Message to the Royal Court
icon - Under the Mulberry Tree
icon - Soft Cloth
icon - Elfa, ELFA!
icon - Timber Hard to Find in Desert
icon - An Awkward Request
icon - Before The Crops Dry Out
icon - Shady Rumors
icon - Big Deal
icon - Awakened Artifacts
icon - Scripture-Engraved Brick
icon - Yet Another Discovery of Ancient Ruins
icon - An Interesting Story
icon - The Reality
icon - A Previous Civilization
icon - Following Ancient Footsteps
icon - In Search of the Lady's Kingdom
icon - Coral's Grave
icon - Technicolor Coral Reef
icon - The Sophisticated Geography of Shasha Island
icon - Underwater Cave
icon - Talia, a Rookie Alchemist
icon - Stealing Cactus
icon - Flowers in the Desert
icon - I Like How You Work
icon - Gotta Fix My Farming Tools
icon - How Dare You!
icon - A Gourmand's Quest
icon - My Knees Are Acting Up...
icon - A Custom-Made Safe
icon - A Special Decoration
icon - Safe Delivery
icon - When the Golden Star rises on the Southern Sky
icon - Attitude of the Aalans Preparing for Pilgrimage
icon - Following the Footsteps of Aalan
icon - Fast and Pray
icon - Obedience to Aal
icon - Let Go of Your Greed and Abstain
icon - Share with thy neighbors
icon - Draw away from the corrupt
icon - Stay on alert against arrogance
icon - Don't Slack Off
icon - The Birthplace of Aal
icon - Well Prepared
icon - Paradise to quench the thirst
icon - Fisher in the middle of the desert
icon - Nothing's free in this world, queek!
icon - Reawakened remnant of the ancient civilization
icon - Those that threaten the pilgrims
icon - Rumbling Sand Dune
icon - Message to the Katan Army
icon - Lonely Trade Manager
icon - Good Food Cures All
icon - The Recipe To Open One's Heart
icon - Everything Comes with a Price
icon - Heartfelt Ingredients
icon - You Are Not Alone

Start NPC:
icon - Saira
End NPC:
icon - Saira

- Description:
Atui's detached force has suggested investigating the Desert Naga heads further, to gather more information. Defeat the Desert Naga Commanding Officer and the Desert Naga Combat Monk, and see what you can find out.

We got lucky. We snatched the Nagan document
before it reached the intended recipient.
Which doesn't mean that
we've entirely thwarted their plan, however.
Go to their shrine and gather some more information
from their Commanding Officers and Monks.
I'll be here, trying to make sense
of this crucial document.

I'm amazed at how detailed this record is.
It's not just about the size of our force. They even recorded the state of our buildings...

Thank you, Player. You really helped us get a clear idea
of what they were planning.

Completion Target: Saira
- Desert Naga Commanding Officer's Written Order
- Desert Naga Combat Monk's Written Order
Required actions:
Kill monsters (30):
icon - Desert Naga Commanding Officer
Kill monsters (40):
icon - Desert Naga Combat Monk

- Contribution EXP (350)
Amity (20): - Saira
- EXP (100)
- HP Potion (Large)
- MP Potion (Large)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Deciphering the Nagan Document

Required to open quests
icon - Take the Initiative

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