ID: 3500/295
Let's Make an Antidote!
KR name: 해독약을 만들자!
icon Quest
Region: Northern Calpheon
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 37

First quest in the chain:
icon - Strategy of Control
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Mutated Contaminated ones
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Contaminated Dog Host

icon - Strategy of Control
icon - Awful Khuruto Wooden Totems
icon - Khuruto Interrogation
icon - Rouibo's Request
icon - Khuruto Supplies
icon - Advanced Blockade
icon - Dreaming of a Status Rise
icon - Sentry's Anxiety
icon - Reyas' Request
icon - Too Many Khurutos
icon - The Enemy's Strength
icon - Collect Corpses
icon - Khuruto Sentry Report
icon - Save a Powerless Sacrifice
icon - Reason For Not Going to Work
icon - Requesting Rescue from the Delphe Knights
icon - Timid Revenge
icon - The Punitive Force and the Rescue Party
icon - A Simple Problem
icon - Dangerous Build
icon - Full-Scale Relief Work
icon - Recurrence Prevention
icon - Khurutos Adore Water Buffalo
icon - Khuruto Elite Soldier Hair Ornaments
icon - Delphe Knights' Insignia
icon - My Coin!
icon - Thoughtful Karcenov
icon - Mercenary Guarding the Town #1
icon - Mercenary Guarding the Town #2
icon - A Recommendation for Colleagues
icon - Things That Happen at Night
icon - Clean Up the Thief Imps
icon - Death of the Cows
icon - Hummingbird Beak
icon - Destroy Superstitions
icon - Stop the Evil Ceremony
icon - Finding Medicine
icon - Escape from Waragon Cave
icon - The Suspect Who Stole the Report
icon - Andro's Request
icon - Annoying Locust Swarm
icon - Helping with the Ceremony
icon - Boar Prevention
icon - A Woman's Concern
icon - Dragon Protection Tower
icon - Troll Cows in the North
icon - Khuruto Equipment Investigation
icon - Constant Correspondence
icon - Young Daughter's Whereabouts
icon - [Co-op] Weakening the Trolls
icon - Not Worth It
icon - Plunder Troll Supplies
icon - Saving Raiding Party Members
icon - Three is Not Enough
icon - Charge, to the North!
icon - A Weird Town, Florin
icon - Do as Ordered
icon - You Want Me to Lumber, Too!?
icon - Bring Logs
icon - Don't You Owe Me?
icon - The Town of Herbs and Curiosity
icon - Return to Chief Valentine
icon - Pollini's Concern
icon - Investigating Ancient Ruins
icon - Ancient Ruins Treasure
icon - Hanz' Keepsake
icon - Not All Spotted Deer are the Same
icon - Make a Safe Workplace
icon - Identify the Ruins by the Bree Tree
icon - Bring my Colleagues!
icon - Deluded Goblin
icon - Ruins Watchman
icon - Ruins Watchman
icon - Alchemy Town
icon - Town of Alchemy and Mystery
icon - Terrified Bayruth
icon - And Yet, I'm Still Here...
icon - Filthy Creatures Ruining the Flower Garden!
icon - Help Me!
icon - Haha... More Noise
icon - Bad Luck! Bad Luck! Bad Luck!
icon - I'm Going to Develop a Crab Dish!
icon - Creatures Ruining Wheat
icon - My Money is Mind
icon - A Raccoon Tail Brush
icon - In the Name of Elion
icon - Incomprehensible Work
icon - Troublesome Creatures
icon - Why the Contamination?
icon - Contaminated Symbol
icon - A Last Request
icon - I-I'm Scared to Go Home
icon - Bizarre Creature
icon - Ruins Golem Fragments
icon - Interesting!
icon - Chargers! Forward!
icon - Troll Sawtooth Wheel
icon - Destroy the Troll Protection Tower
icon - Cut Off Troll Food Supplies
icon - Help Me! Kill 'em All!
icon - Troll Shaman
icon - What You Need to Connect Nodes
icon - Contaminated Dog Haunt
icon - My Son's Necklace
icon - Would She... Be Alive... By Any Chance?
icon - Wait! Missis!
icon - Cut Off the Enemy Reinforcements
icon - Get Enemy Supplies
icon - Bizarre Accessory
icon - How to Anger Khurutos
icon - Cylinder Ruins Tree Sample
icon - Arch and Triangle Ruins Tree Samples
icon - Find a Way to Earn Money
icon - Spotted Deer Possessed by a Black Spirit Antlers
icon - We Don't Know the Enemy
icon - Mutated Contaminated ones
icon - Let's Make an Antidote!
icon - Contaminated Dog Host
icon - A Unique Plan
icon - The Dogs are the Problem
icon - About Troll Catapults
icon - Where is the Girl's Pet Dog?
icon - Unadapted Cat
icon - Long-Distance Kuku Birds
icon - Burn Contaminated Refugee Camp Barracks
icon - Soldier from Lema Island
icon - Dichzy Borne's Reward
icon - Immature Kid
icon - It's Part of My Job...
icon - A Taste of the Cox Pirates
icon - Removing Pirate Flags
icon - Rescuing the Merchant Fleet
icon - Treasure Hunter's Trophy
icon - [Contribution] Calpheon in Need
icon - [Contribution] Cleansing Out the Troll Habitat
icon - One Goal: Pirate's Treasure
icon - Demoralization of Cox Pirates
icon - Cox Pirate's Pouch

Start NPC:
icon - Gaera
End NPC:
icon - Gaera

– Description:
Gaera says she's the only one who can make medicine to save the contaminated ones, and asks you to bring Contaminated Witch Blood. Kill Contaminated Witches and bring their Blood.

Have you seen this jar?
The smoke coming from it helps disease.
I made this through several years of work.
Proof? Look at the faces around here...
They look rosy. Heehee.
After years of study, I discovered the ingredient in this Antidote.
It is the blood of a Contaminated Witch!
Go get it! I'll share some with you!

At last... Finally I see the end of this suffering!

Ohhh! This is it!
Good, good.

Completion Target: Gaera
- Bottle Contaminated Blood from Contaminated Witches
Required actions:
Get 2 quest item(s) from icon - Contaminated Witch. Drop chance: 25%

- Contribution EXP 80
- Gold Bar 1G
- EXP (100)
- HP Potion (Medium)
- MP Potion (Medium)

Quest requirements
Level = 32


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