ID: 3500/267
A Last Request
KR name: 마지막 의뢰
icon Quest
Region: Northern Calpheon
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 37

First quest in the chain:
icon - Strategy of Control
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Contaminated Symbol
Next quest in the chain:
icon - I-I'm Scared to Go Home

icon - Strategy of Control
icon - Awful Khuruto Wooden Totems
icon - Khuruto Interrogation
icon - Rouibo's Request
icon - Khuruto Supplies
icon - Advanced Blockade
icon - Dreaming of a Status Rise
icon - Sentry's Anxiety
icon - Reyas' Request
icon - Too Many Khurutos
icon - The Enemy's Strength
icon - Collect Corpses
icon - Khuruto Sentry Report
icon - Save a Powerless Sacrifice
icon - Reason For Not Going to Work
icon - Requesting Rescue from the Delphe Knights
icon - Timid Revenge
icon - The Punitive Force and the Rescue Party
icon - A Simple Problem
icon - Dangerous Build
icon - Full-Scale Relief Work
icon - Recurrence Prevention
icon - Khurutos Adore Water Buffalo
icon - Khuruto Elite Soldier Hair Ornaments
icon - Delphe Knights' Insignia
icon - My Coin!
icon - Thoughtful Karcenov
icon - Mercenary Guarding the Town #1
icon - Mercenary Guarding the Town #2
icon - A Recommendation for Colleagues
icon - Things That Happen at Night
icon - Clean Up the Thief Imps
icon - Death of the Cows
icon - Hummingbird Beak
icon - Destroy Superstitions
icon - Stop the Evil Ceremony
icon - Finding Medicine
icon - Escape from Waragon Cave
icon - The Suspect Who Stole the Report
icon - Andro's Request
icon - Annoying Locust Swarm
icon - Helping with the Ceremony
icon - Boar Prevention
icon - A Woman's Concern
icon - Dragon Protection Tower
icon - Troll Cows in the North
icon - Khuruto Equipment Investigation
icon - Constant Correspondence
icon - Young Daughter's Whereabouts
icon - [Co-op] Weakening the Trolls
icon - Not Worth It
icon - Plunder Troll Supplies
icon - Saving Raiding Party Members
icon - Three is Not Enough
icon - Charge, to the North!
icon - A Weird Town, Florin
icon - Do as Ordered
icon - You Want Me to Lumber, Too!?
icon - Bring Logs
icon - Don't You Owe Me?
icon - The Town of Herbs and Curiosity
icon - Return to Chief Valentine
icon - Pollini's Concern
icon - Investigating Ancient Ruins
icon - Ancient Ruins Treasure
icon - Hanz' Keepsake
icon - Not All Spotted Deer are the Same
icon - Make a Safe Workplace
icon - Identify the Ruins by the Bree Tree
icon - Bring my Colleagues!
icon - Deluded Goblin
icon - Ruins Watchman
icon - Ruins Watchman
icon - Alchemy Town
icon - Town of Alchemy and Mystery
icon - Terrified Bayruth
icon - And Yet, I'm Still Here...
icon - Filthy Creatures Ruining the Flower Garden!
icon - Help Me!
icon - Haha... More Noise
icon - Bad Luck! Bad Luck! Bad Luck!
icon - I'm Going to Develop a Crab Dish!
icon - Creatures Ruining Wheat
icon - My Money is Mind
icon - A Raccoon Tail Brush
icon - In the Name of Elion
icon - Incomprehensible Work
icon - Troublesome Creatures
icon - Why the Contamination?
icon - Contaminated Symbol
icon - A Last Request
icon - I-I'm Scared to Go Home
icon - Bizarre Creature
icon - Ruins Golem Fragments
icon - Interesting!
icon - Chargers! Forward!
icon - Troll Sawtooth Wheel
icon - Destroy the Troll Protection Tower
icon - Cut Off Troll Food Supplies
icon - Help Me! Kill 'em All!
icon - Troll Shaman
icon - What You Need to Connect Nodes
icon - Contaminated Dog Haunt
icon - My Son's Necklace
icon - Would She... Be Alive... By Any Chance?
icon - Wait! Missis!
icon - Cut Off the Enemy Reinforcements
icon - Get Enemy Supplies
icon - Bizarre Accessory
icon - How to Anger Khurutos
icon - Cylinder Ruins Tree Sample
icon - Arch and Triangle Ruins Tree Samples
icon - Find a Way to Earn Money
icon - Spotted Deer Possessed by a Black Spirit Antlers
icon - We Don't Know the Enemy
icon - Mutated Contaminated ones
icon - Let's Make an Antidote!
icon - Contaminated Dog Host
icon - A Unique Plan
icon - The Dogs are the Problem
icon - About Troll Catapults
icon - Where is the Girl's Pet Dog?
icon - Unadapted Cat
icon - Long-Distance Kuku Birds
icon - Burn Contaminated Refugee Camp Barracks
icon - Soldier from Lema Island
icon - Dichzy Borne's Reward
icon - Immature Kid
icon - It's Part of My Job...
icon - A Taste of the Cox Pirates
icon - Removing Pirate Flags
icon - Rescuing the Merchant Fleet
icon - Treasure Hunter's Trophy
icon - [Contribution] Calpheon in Need
icon - [Contribution] Cleansing Out the Troll Habitat
icon - One Goal: Pirate's Treasure
icon - Demoralization of Cox Pirates
icon - Cox Pirate's Pouch

Start NPC:
icon - Bipache
End NPC:
icon - Bipache

– Description:
Bipache orders you to get rid of Contaminated Dogs, a latent threat. Kill Contaminated Dogs near the Refugee Camp.

I never thought it would spread to the animals..
I never had imagined. Things are getting serious.
Animals are fast and also threaten Humans.
If we don't kill them, other places will get contaminated, too.

This is a crisis...

I'm glad you're here.

Completion Target: Bipache
- Kill Contaminated Dogs
Required actions:
Kill monsters (10):
icon - Contaminated Dog

- Contribution EXP 80
- Gold Bar 1G
- EXP (100)
- HP Potion (Medium)
- MP Potion (Medium)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Why the Contamination?
Finished quest: icon - Troublesome Creatures
Finished quest: icon - Incomprehensible Work


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