ID: 31014/6
Caphras: Book of Immortality
KR name: 카프라스 : 불멸의 고서
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Story
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Remnants of Someone
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Caphras' Lady
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Caphras: The Life of Light and Shadow

Start NPC:
Black Spirit
End NPC:
Black Spirit

- Description:
The Black Spirit says the leaf given by Diega and the book are reacting to each other. Let's give Caphras' Journal and Caphras Leaf to the Black Spirit.

Hehe, Caphras is as weird as you.
That leaf, by the way, seems weird.
I think it reacts to the book you got.
The leaves keep moving. Can't you see?
It's apparently shaking towards the book!
Hey, you idiot! Give it to me.

Let's put the leaf in the book!
Wonder what's going to happen. Hehe.

Oh, take a look at this.
The leaf put in the middle of the book
withered and disappeared. Hehehe.
See, I told you something was strange.
What? There is a strange light coming from the book.
What...What is this?

Completion Target: Black Spirit
- Hand Caphras' Journal to the Black Spirit
- Hand Caphras Leaf to the Black Spirit
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Caphras - Journal of Light and Shadow

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - A Life-or-Death Escape
Finished quest: icon - Back Again
Finished quest: icon - Cron Castle Explosion
Finished quest: icon - Forgotten by All
Finished quest: icon - Plucked from the Water

Required to open quests
icon - Caphras: The Life of Light and Shadow

BDO Streams
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anatolgol 30-10-2020 12:28
Нужен Дневник Кафраса, который получается по основной цепочке заданий Одиллиты
OOWyvernOO 7-12-2020 18:49
Translated: "You need Caphras's Diary, which is obtained from the main quest chain of Odillita"
I was able to get the items by:
1) forfeit the quest
2) chat with the black spirit to get the items you need
3) re-accept the quest and deliver the items
Frank92 29-10-2022 02:58
Worked for me!
legendaryn 21-07-2022 19:29
In order to take this quset, you should complete all the tasks from Book 3 of Caphras' Record in Adventure Log Bookshelf.

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