ID: 21104/4
Find the Forbidden Book
KR name: 금서와 만나다
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Under the Magnificent Calpheon
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Original Sin
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Edan's Proof

Start NPC:
icon - Enrique Encarotia
End NPC:
icon - Enrique Encarotia

- Description:
Enrique Encarotia wanted to check the contents of the book himself. Hand over the forbidden book to him.

Annolisa Rosie said that she'd given up on ever finding the book.
But look at you! You were actually able to retrieve it and bring it to me. Excellent!
Let's take a look! I wonder what is written in here!
You'll get your money worth for this, friend. Hahaha!


This is a sinister account of this heretic's history.
Yet I can only think to thank our ancestors.
Oh yes! I promised you a reward.
Take my advice. Forget everything you know about this book!

Completion Target: Enrique Encarotia
- Hand over the forbidden book to Enrique Encarotia
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (200)
Amity (30): - Enrique Encarotia

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Original Sin

Required to open quests
icon - Edan's Proof

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