ID: 21005/3
The Young Lion of Heidel
KR name: 하이델의 젊은 숫사자
icon Quest
Region: Serendia
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1
Any class but Nova

First quest in the chain:
icon - A Warning from the Xian Merchant Guild
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - The Owner of the Valley Lily Inn
Next quest in the chain:
icon - The Reliable Instructor

Start NPC:
icon - Grace Lauren
End NPC:
icon - Jordine Ducas

- Description:
Grace Lauren asked you to deliver the letter to Jordine, the Grand Chamberlain.

I heard that the Xian Merchant Guild is going to take over the Golden Toad Inn...
And we can't do a single thing to stop that...
What is Sir Jordine thinking...?!
Although it was him who persuaded me to step down from the Guild Head position,
I cannot stand idly by and watch the Xian Merchant Guild seize control of Heidel.
If this continues, Calpheon will have control of all activities in Heidel.
Please deliver this letter to Jordine. Perhaps we can convince him to stop.

Oh, Bobby... Sigh. When will I be
able to entrust you with tasks?

Grace Lauren... that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
Somehow Bobby took over her position... And you are?

Completion Target: Jordine Ducas
- Talk to Jordine at his office
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (120)
- HP Potion (Small)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - The Owner of the Valley Lily Inn
Any class but Nova

Required to open quests
icon - The Reliable Instructor

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