ID: 2001/171
Bandits' Treasure Chamber
KR name: 산적들의 보물창고
icon Quest
Region: Serendia
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 30

First quest in the chain:
icon - Heidel's Northern Highland
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Are You Alive, Friend?
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Atrocious Bandits

icon - Heidel's Northern Highland
icon - Storage Keeper Amerigo
icon - Wizard's Altar
icon - Serendia Eastern Gateway
icon - Goods Delivery to the Eastern Gateway
icon - The Ultimate Lizard Dish
icon - Swamp Toxicity
icon - Aloof Fan Flamingo
icon - Daybreak Raid
icon - Positive Lara
icon - Potion Supply
icon - Gathering Ingredients in Haste
icon - Everything's Delicious When You're Hungry
icon - Rainbow Lizard
icon - Cobweb Delivery
icon - Overcoming a Nervous Breakdown
icon - Prize List
icon - Mutant Lizard
icon - Swamp Ambush
icon - Moss Stoneback Crab
icon - Elionian Doctrines
icon - Swamp Naga
icon - Naga Culture
icon - Delivering Stuff
icon - Ruined Village
icon - Dernyl Farm
icon - Wicked Cultist
icon - Deviating Doctrines
icon - Freharau's Report
icon - Why the Sticky Cobwebs?
icon - Studying Spiders
icon - Studying Moss Stoneback Crabs
icon - The Extraction Mill and the Northwestern Gateway
icon - Rescuing Prisoners
icon - Wagon Heist Plan
icon - To Calpheon!
icon - A Path in the Valleys?
icon - Oh, My Melissa
icon - Heidel's Secret Treaty
icon - Ambushing Naga
icon - Oyun's Statue
icon - Oyun's Statue
icon - Sweeping the Front Yard
icon - Missing Investigators
icon - Seed Pouch
icon - Cultist Flag
icon - Ancient Coin Collector
icon - Southern Neutral Zone
icon - Extraction Mill Repair
icon - Delivering Repair Parts
icon - Work Status Report
icon - A Letter to Mother
icon - Finest Cooking Ingredients
icon - Glish Commemorative Coin
icon - Bandit's Dagger
icon - Straggling Porter
icon - Red Orc
icon - Naga Commander
icon - Secret Duty
icon - Anon Wants to Be a Soldier
icon - Profound Flag
icon - Find My Stuff
icon - Where Did It Go?
icon - Lost Halidom
icon - Fogan Ecological Research
icon - Imps at the Farm
icon - Imp Food Wagon
icon - Stolen Grain
icon - Allan's Gift
icon - Allan's Gift
icon - Helping Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
icon - A Special for Friends
icon - Freharau's Advice
icon - Delicious Water
icon - Techthon and Quality Iron
icon - Puia and the Wooden Box Design
icon - Glazed Naga Oil
icon - Injured Adventurers...
icon - What's Wrong With That Guy?
icon - What's Wrong With That Adventurer?
icon - You Looked at Me First!
icon - Let's see who will win!
icon - Treasure in the Watchtower.
icon - Secret at the Top
icon - For the Remaining Soldiers...
icon - Are You Alive, Friend?
icon - Bandits' Treasure Chamber
icon - Atrocious Bandits
icon - An Important Thing for Heidel
icon - How to Gain the Advantage in a Negotiation
icon - Securing a Safe Escape Route
icon - Revenge, Revenge, Revenge!
icon - How Strong Are the Bandits?
icon - A Soldier's Secret Problem
icon - Precious Morning
icon - Rat-Killing Spree!
icon - Lost Farm Pigs
icon - Puppy on the Roof
icon - Retrieve Runaway Pigs
icon - Adorable Thief
icon - No More Dogs
icon - Lovers' Secret
icon - What Are They Talking About?
icon - Threatening and Frantic Kuku Bird!
icon - From a Friend, With Love
icon - No Credit!
icon - Have You Ever... Tamed a Horse?
icon - [Contribution] Helping Out the Residents
icon - [Contribution] Red Orc Extermination
icon - [Contribution] Helping Out the Town
icon - I should be able to manage it right?
icon - [Event] Wanted! Naughty Dog
icon - [Event] Cat Missing

Start NPC:
icon - Etunar
End NPC:
icon - Bandit Punitive Force Commander

- Description:
A soldier requesting rescue wants you to check out the Bandits' Treasure Chamber, saying he identified the location.

I was waiting for rescue here.
Thank God you found me.
But I can't just leave.
I saw something interesting.
You see the dry well down there?
I didn't think much of it, but I was wrong.
I saw bandits going down into the well.
Like into a secret chamber.
I think that's the Bandits' Treasure Chamber.
Go check that out for yourself, and please tell the other soldiers about it.

I don't know what's inside the well.
Be careful.

Huh... so there really was a load of treasure.
Thank you. We've gotta destroy them as soon as possible.

Completion Target: Bandit Punitive Force Commander
- Learn about the Bandits' Treasure Chamber
Required actions:
Get knowledge:
icon - Luxurious Treasure Chamber

- Contribution EXP (50)
- HP Potion (Medium)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Are You Alive, Friend?

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Anonymous 10-08-2017 18:40
Je suis bloqué sur cette quête, on me dit que j'ai déja fait la quête via un ticket GM
du coup j'arrive pas à avoir la connaissance
quelqu'un a eu ce problème et l'a réglé ?

i'm stuck on this quest, ticket to GM tell me i already done the quest so i cannot do it again
and i did not get the knowledge
anyone got this problem and solved it ?

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Added by Shinkotsu (27-05-2017)