ID: 11051/1
[Event] Faint Old Moon Earring I (Combat)
KR name: [이벤트:전투] 흐릿한 그믐달 귀장식 I
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Event] Faint Old Moon Earring I (Combat)

Start NPC:
icon - Lily
End NPC:
icon - Lily

- Description:
Old Moon researcher Lily asked you for help with her guild's new research. Go to Rhutum Outstation to defeat the Rhutums there to collect their Spirit of Fire and return to Lily.

※ [Event] Faint Old Earring Ring I (Combat) can be re-accepted right after its completion if you have a Secret Old Moon Letter II in your inventory.

※ You cannot do the quests [Event] Faint Old Moon Earring I (Combat) and [Event] Faint Old Moon Earring II (Fishing) at the same time.

Guild Master Yan must have sent you!
I'm sure you're reliable, so let's get right down to business.
I need the Spirit of Fire for this tiny earring.
It's for some research our guild just started in earnest.
Hmm…The Rhutums at Rhutum Outstation seem to be fiery these days, why don't you go fight them?
Please give the letter back to me by the way. We must keep this meeting a secret.

The reason I'm here... that information is confidential.
Just know that it's all for the better of the Old Moon Guild!

The earring should be complete now!
Let's see… Oh no, why is it giving off such a faint light?
You should keep the earring, I guess I will not need it.
Hm... If only I had some [Event] Black Moonlight Shards
Huh, moonlight shard? No, no, you misheard, I was just wondering if I should have CHARD for dinner, haha...

Completion Target: Lily
- Hand over Secret Old Moon Letter II
- Defeat Rhutums
Required actions:
Give item:
- Secret Old Moon Letter II (1)
Kill monsters (1000):
icon - Rhutum Elite Brawler
icon - Rhutum Elite Archer
icon - Rhutum Elite Warrior
icon - Rhutum Soldier
icon - Rhutum Archer
icon - Rhutum Wizard
icon - Rhutum Elite Brawler
icon - Rhutum Fighter

- [Event] Faint Old Moon Earring

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