ID: 23764
Watcher Offin Tett
Level: 62
HP: 1,000
Defense (DP): 999
Damage Reduction: 999
XP: 357,964
Knowledge drop chance: 15.00%

– Description:
Watcher Offin Tett controls the Mirumok Watcher Offin from within. Offin Tett was created when the Ancients inserted special powers into a "pure" Tett. Pure Tett is a type of special element that only the Wizards of the Godr-Ayed Thea can work with.

Watcher Offin Tett and Mirumok Watcher Offin are one. Other Offin may be made of the Mirumok tree, but the Mirumok Watcher Offin is created from giant boulders, making it more hefty yet exquisite. This giant and clever Offin and Offin Tett only follow the wills of the ancient guardians and defenders since ancient times, and has served as the watcher of Mirumok Ruins all this time.

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