ID: 23005
Al Rhundi
Level: 25
HP: 4,641
Defense (DP): 210
Evasion: 200
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 73,535
Skill XP: 27,633
Karma: 40
Knowledge drop chance: 15.00%

– Description:
The central figure in the peasant uprising and captain of the Rebels. He ran away from the Serendian army in hopes of securing better living conditions for the peasants and rose to great power as a Rebel.

It is painful for Al Rhundi to stand against Hervano Tito, who comes from the same farm. Yet, he is furious that Hervano betrayed him and their home by not joining the Rebel cause.

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Added by Chrisitio (31-05-2016)

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