ID: 20485
Grass Root Nymph
Level: 50
HP: 3,630
Defense (DP): 459
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 357,964
Skill XP: 161,688
Karma: 80
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Grass Root Nymph
– Description:
The Grass Root Nymph looks like a piece of wood, but it is actually a fastidious Nymph who lives inside the wood.
It is known that these Nymphs carve wood into whatever shape they like and control it from inside.
Grass Root Nymphs prefer circular shapes.
- Grass Root Nymph
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Anonymous 24-06-2017 14:04

In Trent bei Mayeri. Ihr benötigt 800 Wissen.

You get it in Trent from Mayeri. You need 800 knowledge.

Spirito 28-05-2018 16:56

You can grind thoses mobs at the south of Crioville, the enter is a cavern at the end of the lake : (Map) (Monster)


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