ID: 20013
Red Nose
Level: 40
HP: 2,914,245
Defense (DP): 335
Evasion: 300
Damage Reduction: 35
XP: 4,675,800
Skill XP: 1,572,624
Karma: 65
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Red Nose
– Description:
He is nicknamed "Red Nose" quite simply because he has a big red nose. He abhors Humans because they've always made fun of him for it. Red Nose became stronger and larger using the Black Crystal he obtained from the Immortal Alchemist when he was just a youngster.

He is much more intelligent than other Imps, but he still harbors a strong distaste for having his nose poked fun at. It is said that whenever he hears an allusion to his red nose in jest he calms his raging heart by seeking out the peaceful sound of a flute.
- Red Nose
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Spielkind 20-12-2016 06:28

This is the Group Boss from the Boss scrolls, would I say.


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Added by Didinodhe (20-12-2016)
Added by Didinodhe (20-12-2016)

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