ID: 44346
Rusty Scythe Shard
KR name: 녹슨 낫 조각
icon General
Weight: 0.01 LT

Bound when obtained
– Description:
Able to sell or
exchange with other items.
(Press RMB for detailed location)
Buy price: 1,800
Sell price: 180
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Uxus 25-07-2019 14:19

The item used for Essence of Darkness can drop from Elite at the farm. you only need 1 now to do the summer quest
It will drop for characters even if they above the level of the area. Summer 2019 update

brendomatos9 28-07-2019 17:33

Still unable to complete this mission. I'm already with:
10,000 Friendship
250 wheat
1 Rusty Scythe Shard
1 Morettti Straw Pile

Do you know how to help me?

Uxus 28-07-2019 17:44

Read my post - should help you


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