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Category: Node Manager (Seas of Mediah)

– Description:
There are two general opinions about what is going on with Lecenin. One is that he is a Shai in distress, stranded on this island due to a sea storm. The other is that he is not leaving this place simply because he is too lazy and can't be bothered.

Most people have settled on "laziness" given how cantankerously he behaves when someone tries to rescue him. Furthermore, according to the testimony of one sailor from Velia, he frequently moans about being hungry but never tries to seek out food despite having ample survival skills to do so. The sailor insists the problem lies at the feet of his devastating slothfulness.

It appears he may not move until he really is about to die.

Pujara Island Node Manager
Sea Node Manager
Obtained from:
- Lecenin

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