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Mysterious Man
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Category: Special Trading Manager

– Description:
Nobody knows where he came from. It is only assumed that he came from somewhere far away by the unfamiliar look of his outfit. He deals with extremely rare goods of shady origin and can only be seen at night.
Olvia Smuggler
Obtained from:
- Mysterious Man
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Anonymous 26-03-2016 20:46

Where is he?

Anonymous 13-04-2016 02:57

He is behind trade manager at olvia, he only spawn at night in game! (10pm-6 am)

Anonymous 29-04-2016 22:37

He emerge at 10:00pm to the back of the house where is lolly at Olvia, on a little alley, near a box, like on the screenshot.

Anonymous 27-06-2016 11:17

He's behind the trade manager's barn. Still there after 6am, I'm not sure when he disappears.

ORION_Xavier 29-01-2019 05:01

I'm here at the spot, 1:30-2:30 AM. Nobody here.???

EDIT: Changed from Mediah6 to Mediah1 and he appeared. Weird...


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Added by Batudugar (13-04-2016)
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