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Debris from Lazia
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Category: Margoria Adventure Journal I

- Description:
Lazia was a cruise ship with lavish interior popular among the aristocrats of Epheria and Calpheon.
Lazia was heavily armed and known for its security,
but when Cox Pirate spy sneaked into the cruise ship, things turned out differently.
The spy disarmed all weapons onboard and when the pirates swarmed in,
all was left for grabs and the ship sank in history.
Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Northeast Sea of Pilava Island
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Anonymous 28-01-2017 23:57
Distance from nodes to shipwreck:
Pujara Island = 730
Delinghart Island = 730
Sausan Garrison Wharf = 810

Here are screenshots:
gasgengar 15-09-2020 14:01
About 400 distance North East (45°) from Pilava Island.
Located next to three black rocks near the wreckage of the Ship front.

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