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Song of the Valotier Troupe
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Category: Serendia Adventure Journal V

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"Long, long time ago. A king was ruling Balenos! As his power reached its peak after slaying all the opposing aristocrats, his attention eventually turned to seeking immortality. From taking only the best food and medicine in the world to taking the blood of young boys, he did everything. But immortality? Is that even a possibility?

He ended up trying out the alchemy thing! He thoroughly prepared for a ritual, trusting an alchemist from far away across the desert. Countless lives were sacrificed in the ritual. The grievance of the people was rising as high as the spire of Cron Castle, on which the ritual took place. When the ritual was about to be concluded... BOOM! Explosion! Everything was blown out.

The dignity of Cron Castle, the ever-rising might of the royal family, everything. The name of the tyrant who indulged himself in such a vain desire was... Noir. Noir Bartali III. Though it seemed that the Bartali lost everything, they are still strong and sound here in Balenos. Strange!"

- From a song by Botticelli, a troubadour from Valotier Troupe
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Late King's Desire for Eternity
Obtained from:
icon - Late King's Desire for Eternity
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matanunca 21-03-2016 16:09

По всей видимости выдается только на 55 уровне или выше

Anonymous 4-07-2017 20:51

shall be issued only at level 55 or higher Apparently (google translate)

Anonymous 12-12-2017 22:42

São necessários 260CP e Nível 55+ para realizar a missão. :banghead:


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