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Existence and Attributes
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Category: Theology II

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A book Gongklad from Sausan Garrison acquired from pirates. It talks about the existence of gods, and introduces various gods of the earth, sea, sky, and the unknown space beyond.
Can be obtained through [Amity]
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Anonymous 2-05-2017 21:43

Theology II
Peace of Aal - 180 amity with Bavio (Chief, Splashing Point)
Existence and Attributes - 250 amity with Gongklad (Node Manager, Sausan Garrison Wharf)
Succession of God - 750 amity with Zigmund (Astrologist, Altinova)
Diversity of Experience - 250 amity with Monta Ahto (Node Manager, Ahto Farm)
Ask Aal - 250 amity with Anna Marre (Node Manager, Shuri Farm)
Going Back to the Nature - 450 amity with Asran (Node Manager, Stonetail Horse Ranch)
Symbol of Abundance - 210 amity with Asran (Node Manager, Stonetail Horse Ranch)
Asula, The Small God - 430 amity with Zaramas Kasula (Node Manager, Kasula Farm)
Worshipping God Courteously - 410 amity with Zigmund (Astrologist, Altinova)

Anonymous 8-05-2017 02:58

arigatou senpai:p

JMSHolmes 5-09-2017 00:38

EN - Insert in this order >>>
1. Threat of the Savages
2. The Missing Upper Class
3. Maudi Budar’s Insight
4. Still Wasteland
5. Refugees of Mediah
6. Foundation of Altinova
7. Strategy is Simple
8. A Marvelous Discovery, Rare Chest

DE - In dieser Reihenfolge einfügen >>>
1. Die Barbarenbedrohung
2. Die verschwundene Oberschicht
3. Die Erkenntnis von Maudi Budar
4. Das Ödland
5. Flüchtlinge von Mediah
6. Die Gründung von Altinova
7. Die Einfachheit der Kriegskunst
8. Die Seltene Kiste, eine fantastische Entdeckung

FR - Insérer dans cet ordre >>>
1. La menace des barbares
2. La classe supérieure absente
3. L'intuition de Maudi Budar
4. Désolation absolue
5. Réfugiés de Mediah
6. Fondation d'Altinova
7. La stratégie est simple
8. Une découverte merveilleuse : un coffre rare


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