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How to Pep Up Your Soldiers
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Feed the soldiers tasty food to boost morale?
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
First Floor of Holy College of Calpheon
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Anonymous 4-05-2016 10:11

Go to the lady that resets knowledge. Look to HER right and see the "altar" between the bookshelves. There should be two books there; one that contains this knowledge as well as "Impregnable Tactics and Strategies".

Anonymous 9-08-2016 03:42

In the library face Annolisa Rosie. Directly left of her are three pedestals. Two of them have books and one has a candle. One of the books has this knowledge.

Anonymous 19-12-2016 05:38

There are two books on this podium "Impregnable Tactics and Strategies" and "How to Pep Up Your Soldiers". It took forever for me to realize there where two on this podium as I only saw the first one. Anyway, I hope this helps someone as well. :):banghead:

Anonymous 4-09-2017 23:38

Black Desert, Кальфеон и валькирии (Как вдохновить ваших солдат)


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