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Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Integrity
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Category: Calpheon and Valkyries

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Most Valkyries are proud,
a model to others, and always mind their behavior and language.
However, a few expelled Valkyries scam civilians,
taking advantage of their prestigious Valkyrie status.
Can be obtained through [Dialogue]
There are two students standing in the corner beside the door next to Annolisa Rosie at the Holy College of Calpheon. What are they talking about?
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Anonymous 14-04-2016 12:13

Anonymous 28-04-2016 06:23

Gained from a Student outside the library.

Anonymous 9-08-2016 03:32

Two students, one wearing yellow the other wearing blue.

Anonymous 1-11-2017 13:43

Black Desert, Кальфеон и валькирии (Требование Валькирий: Праведность)


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