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Milden's Hunting Journal - Griffon
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Category: Kamasylvia Entrance Adventure Journal I

– Description:
Griffons are a difficult Game to Hunt. This is not a matter of confidence or expertise; they are called the Kings of the Navarn Steppe for a reason. I was once observing a nesting Griffon from a distance, when I suddenly met its eyes. My fear was so great, my life flashed before my eyes. The Griffons of the Navarn Steppe have become even more ferocious recently, due to the strange hunting behavior of the Manshaum people.

The Manshaum are hunting Griffons to excessiveness. In my opinion, it does not seem as if they are hunting the Griffons but more like they are waging war against them. For every Griffon felled, four or five Manshaum also perish. The Griffons use their gigantic claws to tear apart their foes. To drive away the Manshaum hunters, they can also let out a great, terrible scream that could very well tear out your eardrums.
Obtainable through [Quest]
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