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Divided Descendants of Sylvia
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Many years ago, the Descendants of Sylvia split into four groups. They split because they could not agree over the use and philosophy of Kamasylven Swords, which were created from the burned remains of the holy tree Kamasylve.

They first group to form were the "Acher." The Acher valued absolute law and order. Soon after, another group called the "Ranger" formed, who valued both history and progress; they took over the preservation of the Kamasylvian Ritual. The "Dark Knight" also sought to preserve the Kamasylvian Ritual, but they are mostly composed of Vedir and had a different approach to using the power of nature than the "Ranger." From these "Dark Knight" split off a group of Vedir who wished to harness thedark powers. They came to be known as the "Ahib."

Unable to coexist peacefully, the Descendants of Sylvia eventually fought a civil war, and the Ahib fled to the Arid Land. It seemed that there might finally be peace in Kamasylvia. However, the "Dark Knight" used powers that were fundamentally different from those of the "Acher" and "Ranger." The power of the "Dark Knight" used was harnessed when the holy tree Kamasylve was burned by the Vedir all those years ago. This dark, destructive force was not welcome in Kamasylvia and the resulting conflict caused turmoil. Eventually, to escape another potential civil war, "Dark Knight" decided to leave Kamasylvia. As time passed, their existence faded into the dustbin of history.
Can be obtained through [Dialogue]
Obi Bellen
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Anonymous 3-12-2017 19:05

Does anyone know how to get this piece of knowledge? At around 200-230 amity I received a prompt to talk to him that said "Can you tell me about the Divided Descendants of Sylvia again?" but did not receive the knowledge upon exiting the conversation.

Edit: Nevermind, it's 600 amity for this piece of knowledge. :banghead:

mricsi97 26-07-2018 20:29

"Fail to spark the interest 1512123465 times."
"Gain 51575211 accumulated favor."

Sure, just wave or wait until they rework this shitty amity game.


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