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Atanis Melody
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Category: Kamasylvia Entrance Adventure Journal I

– Description:
The road into Kamasylvia leads to a small lake called the Atanis Pond. The forest seems to be singing a congratulatory song, greeting the Adventurer from Calpheon. People call this song the Atanis Melody.

"On the moonlit hill lies the Fairy Nest. Please let me into its embrace. I followed the forest path, braved the sharp forest branches, and carried on my tiresome journey. But night has fallen, so please let me sleep in your Fairy Nest. I want to feel the warmth of Kamasylve, like you are next to me, embracing me. Here in your Fairy Nest." -Excerpt from Atanis Melody
Obtainable through [Quest]
Blessings of Atanis for Adventurers

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