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Uninvited Guests From Drieghan
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Category: Kamasylvia Entrance Adventure Journal I

– Description:
Gargoyles originate from Drieghan. Khalk Valley, perched up high in Drieghan and rising from fog, is their fortress. The rank of each gargoyle is decided by its wingspan.

Giant Khalks defeated in hierarchical contention and Gargoyles that follow Khalks sometimes climb the brutal mountains. Gargoyles that make it over settle in Kamasylvia Forest. To Kamasylvia, the Gargoyles are intruders.
Can be obtained through [Dialogue]
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Anonymous 1-10-2017 09:06

Sparking Interest (RNG sparking is pretty good but will fail on occasion):
1) Ball of Cobweb,
2) Origin of Sorcery,
3) Small Bell Tower of Mediah,
4) Weikid Taha's Specialty


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