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Saunil Charger
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Chance of obtaining: 2.50%
Category: Saunils

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Riding little dragons called Toru said to be descendants of ancient dragons, the Saunil Chargers are the most dangerous units of the Saunil Army.

They don't attack directly. Rather, they direct their well-trained Torus to attack their enemies for them. The author of the "Dangers of Calpheon", Veltus, wrote that one who discounts the Toru for its small size will regret it in his or her grave.
Saunil Charger
Obtained from:
- Saunil Charger
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octavin 2-02-2017 11:31

this guy could be notoriously hard to get. For me It took about 2 hours farming inside the saunil camp.

use this route:


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