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Luolo Grebe
icon Knowledge
Category: Citizens of Calpheon

– Description:
A famous pirate and the subject of horror to the people of the Slum.

He uses unthinkably harsh and cruel language because he wants people to remember him as the most merciless man they've ever seen. It is suspected that the nobles or the Merchants Union, both of whom are afraid of the protests in the Slum, hired Luolo to terrorize the people there.
Slum Gang Boss
Obtained from:
- Luolo Grebe
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Anonymous 29-10-2017 14:28

Como que sobe no muro para falar com este NPC?

KaratosVM 27-03-2020 10:00

If you guys can't find him, he's on the gate entrance in the exact location.

vegasduck 2-10-2020 00:36

If you come through the gates as you enter the city, turn left on the first street and continue to go up. He is on top of the gates on the entrance, just have to work your way around.


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Added by Str1ker88 (31-05-2016)

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