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Category: Shadow of O'dyllita

– Description:
Kiena, the Sephir scout, is not happy with her assignment to spy around Salun's Border.

The Lemoria Guards, located just across from Lamo Valley, are totally unaware that the Ahib threatening them at the border are actually the Fallen Ones. The slightest brush with them can result in instant death. Of course, the Fallen Ones can be useful to a certain degree. In truth, the Ahib are preparing to fight the greater darkness to come, and not just the Ganelle, who are completely unaware of what's to come. The Fallen Ones in the vicinity of Kamasylvia are the perfect decoys to buy some time. Then, one day, there was some commotion around the Duzak Tunnel. Someone stepped into the Duzak Tunnel teeming with the Fallen. Kiena managed to save the uninvited guest from the Fallen Ones. Later, she heard that the Lemoria Guards had bypassed Duzak Tunnel and settled at a post near Salun's Border.
Sephir Scout
Obtained from:
- Kiena

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