ID: 1580
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Category: Shadow of O'dyllita

– Description:
Commander of Sephir's Thornwood Forest, the most powerful group of all who rebelled against the Queen Viorencia Odore.

The former Guard Captain of Grándiha and swordsmanship teacher to the four princesses Amelia, Brolina, Catherine and Viorencia. When the conflict between the Ganelle and the Vedir was at its height, Arienne, being a Vedir herself, decided to protect Viorencia, and joined her Ahib forces when she fled to O'dyllita. However, Arienne is now serving under Sephir, the one who rebelled against Viorencia. With her exceptional sword skills, she recaptured the castle ruins of Thornwood Forest, once overrun by the Fallen Ones, with only a handful of her elite forces. If ever they come to control the Fallen Ones, Thornwood Forest, currently under protection, will belong wholly to Sephir.
Sephir Commander
Obtained from:
- Arienne

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