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Lizella Aeo
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Category: Shadow of O'dyllita

– Description:
Lizella Aeo, Sephir's Ahib, is the commander of Talibahr.

Hoping for new change in Tunkuta, she had been waiting in silence. For the Turos were merely a pack of wild, obnoxiously huge animals to her, despite their old civilization. She believed that the way to completely subdue wild animals was by gaining the upper hand in the power scale. She had insisted on physically subduing them from the start, but her queen, Sephir, was resolute and prudent. In the end, on the day Sephir succeeded in persuading the stubborn Grand Chief of Turos without any use of force, she came to fully place her trust in Sephir. Nowadays, she enjoys hearing of the frustrations of Turos who insist on staying in Tunkuta. It's only a matter of time before the forest collapses.
Ashen Moon Sibyl
Obtained from:
- Lizella Aeo

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