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Monjur Einel
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Category: Shadow of O'dyllita

– Description:
Monjur Einel use to be an elite guard of Amelia Ornette, the former queen of Kamasylvia, currently ruled by Brolina Ornette.

During the time of Dawn's Return, when Brolina Ornette returned from O'dyllita and started her purge of the Einels, Monjur fled to O'dyllita. She joined the ranks of the commander of Talibahr, Lizella Aeo, and came to be known as an Ashen Moon Sibyl among the Ahib. She is currently studying the ancient memories contained in Orzeca's Lightstone that was found in Tunkuta.
Monjur Einel
Obtained from:
- Monjur Einel
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Zanna 30-10-2020 20:06

Next to node manager in Talibahr's Cave (Talibahr's Rope)


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