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Nutanta is a member of the Turo tribe. He suffers from an endless itch seething all over his body.

Some time ago, the word "wall of thorns" was mentioned among the Turos, and the Ahib riding on Salun Bears and Salun Wolves freely went in and out of the forest. He couldn't believe it was part of the Grand Chief's will, but what was more outrageous was that others also agreed with the crazy notion to move their settlement to Thornwood Castle. Yet Nutanta's natural instincts strongly rejected the idea. That's when his pain began. The itchiness was everywhere, all over his whole body, and even in his mind. Fortunately, he came to realize that the Second Chief shared his beliefs and would secretly make a proposal to him.
Suffering Turos
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- Nutanta
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leagle123 12-11-2020 15:21

Thornwood Forest climb the stairs


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