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Category: Shadow of O'dyllita

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Penella, originally an Ahib, read a story about Bahitram, one of Orzeca's descendants, at the Orzeca Archive and became one of them.

She had spent a long time as a member of Bahitram, forgetting the past and sealing the power of the Ahib by her own will. However, after the Holy Flame Ynix, which the Bahitram serve, was extinguished, she left the Bahit Sanctum. She certainly did not betray the Bahitram. It was how the Bahitram Clan stared disapprovingly at her, thinking that it was the Ahib who'd put out the Holy Flame Ynix. Strangely enough, a large number of Ahib Fallen Ones had appeared at that time. She left the Bahit Sanctum to find it out for herself, as she believed that no Ahib she knew would ever do such a thing. Now having broken her sealed power of the Ahib, she leapt into the Thornwood Forest to put suffering Ahib Fallen Ones to rest and uncover the true culprit who extinguished the Holy Flame Ynix.
Burning One
Obtained from:
- Penella

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