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Another Survivor, Different Ending
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Category: Ulukita Wilds Adventure Log I

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Not all of the people who fled to Ulukita in southern Mediah joined the Tehmelun.

Some people fled from the king's tyranny, fearing that living under an ancient civilization would inevitably lead to the emergence of another despairing Mediah with a new leader.

In the end, they began to quietly live in a cave not far from Tehmelun, hiding their traces and seeking to live away from the hardships of life. It was a cave where those who wanted to hide their traces and live in the midst of life's hardships gathered. It began to be called the Cave of Lament, and although they are very skeptical of outsiders who come with the development of Ulukita, they seem to have contact with civilization when they need fresh vegetables.
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
- Cave of Lament
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